IS YOUr PC VISTA COMPATIBLE? Microsoft proposes all the world , for free, a little software that you can download here. ( in italian) or here ( in english). We have took it, play it and it's all good! We have an old pc with only 115 MB but Vista Upgrade Advisor said to us that it's ok and we can get it the "home version" of Vista, just for 99 $...(!).

This little program can help all people that would put into their pc Vista. The analisys that Vista Advisor does when you play it are very functionals to understand if your program and devices's PC are Vista compatible ( like print; webcam; scanner; dvd player; hard disc; motherboard; screen ; are Vista compatibles, owever like all program in your pc are testing.: softwars, applications, devices, all; all. I think that is better if , first to buy one of the Vista's versions, we previosly control if contents are Vista compatible and pc and AFTER buy the version that you think ( or Vista Upgrade Advisor suggsts to us) Ok, now, we dont' have 99 $ for Vista, but we think that just in few weeks we can do the 'big jump'...! Bye, Blogmaster