Blogger's boost quality: the target is WORD PRESS? Ora anche in italiano

Yesterday I find, in Blogger's instructions, translate in my language, italian new instructions: Advanced Used; today i write to my American Tutor Mr Own and annunced that news: finally I found an Hack that permits to divide a post in 2 (or MORE) parts. That was the unique reason that i prefer WORD PRESS to Blogger; but... Now? Now with ( or Blogger) You can: to create an account for all your life ( I don't think Google will close in next years); without costs; upload 1024 MB in this account ( !) , without costs; open a second or another more account with these caratteristics; Personalise your Blog: very important for all bloggers; put in Ad-Sense Advertisment and others; Hacks; to do a mobile blog from a cellular ; to do a blog from e-mail and write it from all countries you stay in the moment; upload immages, videos, in the very very easy way; to do a very difficult Hack or very easy; and more things.. ONE-MAN-ONE-CLICK is my 'motto'. Every one in this planet'd has his place in the ipertext to exprime himself and Blogger takes this big opportunity to all the world; but that one is another topic... BlogmasterPG