Google Pay us 100$ for Blogger test /UNIVERSAL-SEARCH

If you go to: User Experience Research you can partecipate to usability and right traker's studies. The payment will be effectives if you can try with theirs and Google's agents: they will asks you some questions by phone, or you'd go to Google's HQ, Mountain view, California, or in one of Google World's offices. .
    This is not a "NEWS": is 1 year old; but of course they needs to someone for other tests..... the true News is that one: UNIVERSAL SEARCH: the new Google Reaserch Engine is upgrading: now all categories are together: when you write a keyword, the results will be comprensive of: Web; Images; Youtube Videos, Maps, and everythings you can search. Some site likes will be in difficult? That is the final result of 2 years and 200 programming Engineers .. You can see it at ; in Italy it will be ables in few times.