I Found a ( little) BUG in Webmaster Tools (Sitemap)!

I controlled more times: it's a (little) Bug! Ok: Now I prove explain to You, (English is not my mother-language...): When you want add a sitemap in your site you must do some steps: one of these is to "verification status" of your site. To do this one you can takes 2 ways 1) to add a Webmaster Tool's file ; or 2) to add a Meta-tags. after that you can have, and Add your Sitemap. Well ; just here it's all right. BUt... If you want change your template? (likes me, these few days)? When you go to control or re-copy / past your Meta-tags there is a BUG ! In fact, if you prove in your Pc to do this thing the Meta-tags would be the same.. it seems the same, but MISS an element: / Ok voilà the Meta-tag: (meta name="verify-v1" content="2ytgYz0jDEyBIzY/KACogra4cz96/IxXhBSQIVWTvzI=" ) (Of course for write it I changed < = ( ; and > = ) If you read the script, you can see that is not close by /. I find it thanks to blogspot.com, the XML sistem said me of this error. This error exist only if you have had this script in your site; in fact if you submit a new site and makes all steps in right way, only in one second verification, likes when you CHANGE YOUR TEMPLATE, you'll see the "little bug" . I hope to help someone with this things... BlogmasterPG