ITALY'S DAY ( 2 June)

Today is the most important day of my country. In 1861 born Italy . First of this day Italy was divided into some little States, likes "2 Sicily's Kingdom"in to sud; "Pope's State" in center of Italy; "Tuscany's Gran Duchy" in center-west ; "Savoy's Kingdom" at Nord-west and others more littles. After 10 years of wars, rebels, thanks to King of Savoy, men likes General Garibaldi , the "liberal" Mazzini, the political Cavour , inventor of the first "vino quality" in Piemonte; Barolo, Italy becomes a Republic (Monarchic). In 2 JUNE 1942, after 2nd World-War. with referendum Monarchy/vs Republic, Italy becomes a Democratic Republic. Every years, since that day there is that Holyday. The Army's Parade is one of more carateristique of this day. I put into this post the best of the parade: "Bersaglieri" : they plays breath's struments while running, a very difficul way to makes a parade!!! BlogmasterPG


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