What NOT TO DO for your SEO

From Seomoz
  1. Servers is often inaccessible+++ 
  2.  Copy to the another web -indicised- page +++ 
  3. External links from Spam site -or low quality sites- ++ 
  4. Duplicate Meta Tags/Title/Categories many pages ++ 
  5. Overuse of Keywords + 
  6. Servers with very slow responses ++ 
  7. If majority of the links are from spam site is detrimental. ++ 
  8. Low level of visitors in the site. +

  9.  These are the most importat thinks to NOT TO DO for SEO friendly . Ovewer,in these time, i see somethings.
  10. 1 ) One of more important is the TIME. More time spend and more you
  11. Rank increase.+++

  12. 2 ) The second one are BROKE LINK. If you have some links allow anywhew, if, after some times does't allow anywhere. To help you there are some HTLM/CSS validar: after you submit your web page, they'll saids to you which links are validates or not. - control and re-links its or delete)++ 
  13. Change Blog Title: if you change Title of your Blog the life of your site must to re-starts.+
  14. If you deleted some Pages/Categories/Tags delete same pages in your sitemaps or send an e-mail to the principal engine to delete also on its.+ 
  15. ( very important = +++ ; important = ++ ; not decisive = + )