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It's the second time, this year I found in Internet a prohibition to submit a Blog in a directory only for race reason. 
This morning I saw a new directory: Blog Street, well, I said "I want subscribe this my stupid blog that never raise his 'Page Rank'. 
When I went to subscribe it I have a bad surprise: "only Blogs that are about India . or written by Indian (authors) will be accepted". Why, I demand? If We wants Internet can become a World Peace's instrument Why we made these stupid things? 
 Who has a directory is happy when someone subscribe it. More blogs = more traffic = more money... 

This directory divide from categories , by content and languages ( in India there are many languages) there are also and "English" category: why don't make a simple "rest of the world languages" category? I think that is a classical example of how mind's man is little. Why MAN don't be able to love and for Him is more easy hate, or be afraid? I think We MUST give peace a chance BlogMaster .