ALL AGAINST THE PROGRESS (about link exchange)

In these days (from an important Google's administrator writes something about) in WORLD BLOGOSPHERE many voices stand up against the pratique of link exchage. I'm Blogging only from an year and I see many things. I see stupid blogs in the 'top 100' Italian Blogs; I see Commercial Blogs in the top of 100 world blogs, Who love to blogging or who works with Blogging is very in difficult to read his work to someone. LINKS made the success of World Web. Now persons that blogs to many times, or person that call them "Good persons" saids that link exchange is bad pratique to promote a Blog. What is a good pratique? I think in Web there are many interests. One of these is COMPANIES OF PROMOTIONS, as Google ADD WORD or similars. If someone doesn't right with link exchange is companies of SITES PROMOTION. Now WE CAN to CHOOSE; . or to make a GOOD LINK EXCHANGE that means if I want to make it I must looking for a site in my language, with my contents. If many Directoeris, as BlogCatalog is doing, will be against "Good link exchange pratique" that means only the most big site will have traffic and will be more big! This is mean Monopole in my country, as in your. .


  1. credevo di avero messo anche negli altri miei blog... vado a vedere e li aggingo, pero scriviamoci in privato non sul blog, ricordi la mia mail?

  2. You are right on many issues. I, too, see a lot of strange, not-interesting, fake, blogs making their way to the top... but what's the criteria?

    And yeah, things are definitely changing.

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